• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you’re a new entrepreneur and starting your business from the comfort of you home, there’s a few things you should be aware of, namely from an insurance perspective.  Sure it’s great being able to work from home, but since you are now running a full-fledged business, your typical homeowners policy may need to be looked at.  The standard CT homeowners insurance policy covers you for the normal household liabilities and damages that could occur via a host of threats.  But since you now have your business, more than likely your policy won’t covers your business’s needs.

Think of it like this… you have a customer come to your home.  He or she falls on your steps as they are leaving your home and ends up breaking their arm, there’s a big grey area where the liability falls, be it your home or your business. Furthermore, what if a customer injures themselves using your product? Your standard  ct homeowners insurance policy won’t cover that.

So what’s there to do then? Well there’s a couple things.  First, call your trusty agent at Paradiso insurance and inquire if you can add additional property coverage and limited liability.  You could also purchase an in-home business insurance policy.  This will cover lost business revenues and salaries for one year in case you house burns down or is victim to other destruction.  Or simply invest in a business owners policy.  You could pretty easily combine property insurance, liability insurance, and business interruption coverage into one policy. 

If you’re beginning a new chapter in your life, and planning on opening up a business from your home, make sure you have the right ct insurance policy that will have both your business, and your home, completely covered.