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Hurricane Irene on satellite

Hurricane season is approaching quickly. An intense hurricane can do significant damage to your home. It could also cause injuries or extensive power outages. You need to be ready for the season since a hurricane could form and pass through the area with little warning. You should know how to prepare for hurricane season.

Have Emergency Kits Ready

The first step is to have emergency kits available. These kits should contain items that you need to survive in the event you are forced to evacuate, live without power or are injured. You want to put first aid supplies, necessary prescription medications and items like flashlights or cell phones in the kits. Additionally, have three days of bottled water on hand. Store the kits in an easily accessed location so that you can grab them and leave if you need to evacuate or take shelter somewhere else.

Clean and Maintain Your Property

The high winds from a hurricane can easily pick up items and throw them through the air. Flying debris can potentially damage your home or cause injuries to family members. A way to prepare for this is to clean and maintain your property. Cut down dying, diseased or dead branches. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed in a compact shape. Pick up any debris on the ground. This will lower the chance of damage from debris.

Consider Installing Reinforced Doors and Shutters

Consider installing reinforced doors and shutters if you live in a high-risk area. You can install doors and garage doors that are strong enough to resist high winds and intense impacts. You can place stylish reinforced shutters on the outside of the home where they can be quickly closed if a hurricane is approaching. There are even laminated glass windowpanes that will not shatter if something hits the house. These items will protect your home during a hurricane.