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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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There are certain things in life that seem like no-brainers; yet along with it, there are things that perhaps slip the mind. Things like, once an engagement or wedding ring has been bought, paid for, and put onto someone’s finger, you start thinking about the future—but do you think about the future of that piece of jewelry? Probably not, because nothing’s going to happen…right? You’re not going to be walking down a street and become a victim of a robbery because you’re always aware of your surroundings and besides, it’s never happened before and it won’t happen to you. 

Okay, so now that it’s established that it’ll never happen to you, and it will also never get lost or damaged, we here at Paradiso Insurance would let to give you a few tips for what to do when it does happen, and for how to take care of your jewelry.

1. Insurance

Right out of the gate, let’s chat quickly about insurance. Though it’s not something you automatically think about, in the long run it’s likely best that you do indeed think about insuring your wedding jewelry. Your insurance agent can help create an affordable policy that will protect it for as long as you have it.

What’s pretty cool about this, is that we also have a mobile app where you can keep a record of everything that’s insured. Download the Insurance Agent app onto your smartphone, select the property tab, and add the jewelry to your home inventory. Upload pictures, date of purchase, value, and more. Imagine how easy it will be–should you need to make a claim–to have all of this information right there in detail. No rummaging and searching for papers; it’s all there in the app! Oh–remember to back up your phone occasionally.

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2. Exposure

Sometimes, daily activities can wreak havoc on jewelry, which isn’t something you’d normally have front-and-center in your mind. 

Even something as simple as going to the gym (or anywhere) to get in some exercise. Leave the jewelry at home, because any type of intensive sport or activity can cause damage. Sweat and dirt can build up around the ring band; plus, you’re risking losing or breaking it during activity. Go and do what you need to do, but before heading out for a jog or engaging in any physical activity, take your rings off and secure them in a safe location.

The same goes for cleaning—if you’re going to be doing any intensive cleaning that requires constant exposure to water, soap, or other chemicals, whether it’s of the house, garage, car, or kid, take your jewelry off and put it securely away.


Water doesn’t mix well with jewelry, as long-term or constant exposure can damage or tarnish. Going to the beach or pool? Leave the jewelry at home. Your risk of loss and/or damage through exposure to chlorine, salt, or sand, is much greater, as these can greatly deteriorate its integrity.

3. Cleaning

Just like any type of expensive item or property you own, it’s going to require maintenance and care. Most jewellers worth their gold (pun intended) will have given you extensive details about how to clean your jewelry. Make sure you pay attention and follow those instructions in how to properly care for this financial investment. 

When cleaning, make sure you use professional polishing cloths, as fibrous products like paper towels and tissues can cause scratching. Additionally, if something happens and the item(s) gets damaged, stop cleaning, put it aside in a safe area, and make sure to schedule it for repairs.

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Professional cleaning products are recommended, for obvious reasons. Anything not specifically designed for this purposes can cause damage or even eat away at structure. Chemicals like bleach can erode metals and even discolor stones. Before using, make sure it’s safe to use each and every time.

Regularly inspect your jewelry. Check your wedding jewelry for loose stones, scratches, or discoloration; even if you take the utmost care in preventing damage, time can age any product. Be proactive and take action if you see something unusual.

4. Safe-Keeping

Finally, the safe-keeping and storing of your jewelry is just as important as caring for it. Therefore, make sure to store it in a safe space, away from extreme elements such as heat or cold. If you have a safe, use it; if not, then take proper ordinary precautions to keep it away from the elements, never outdoors, and always in another safe place that you’ll remember.

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Engagement and wedding rings signify commitment, loyalty, and the special bond two people have with each other. However, if something like theft, damage, or loss occurs, this can be a major problem and cause massive stress and uncertainty. Because wedding rings are often seen as more than just a ring, not to mention the major financial investment that goes into them, it’s important to protect that. Give us a call today at 860-684-5270 to make sure your jewelry is protected!

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