• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Yesterday, October 3rd marked the beginning of fire prevention week here in the United States.  This is a week were all things fire safety are put on full display to provide you and your family the necessary information in order to make sure that your home, apartment, condo, or lodge is as fire safe as possible.

Now we realize that anything can happen, you never can be fully, 100% fire proof, but taking some easy steps can pay dividends in preventing fires from breaking out.  Even small fires that should easily and quickly be extinguished often times go unnoticed until they turn into full-blown infernos. The tips below will provide you with the information you’ll need to make sure that if a small fire were to occur, you’d realize it immediately, and extinguish it before it turned deadly. 

 FEMA has constructed many anti-fire campaigns in order to inform and protect citizens against the dangers of house fires.

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors every six months
  • Make sure all fireplace embers are completely out before heading to bed
  • DO NOT leave any embers outside on a porch or deck, as these can easily catch fire
  • Have a fire escape plan that everyone in the house knows
  • Make sure all candles are extinguished before bedtime
  • All electrical outlets should have the correct plugs inserted in them, and not overworked by multiple power strips
  • Turn all stove burners off immediately after use

Hopefully these few common sense tips will prevent a possible fire in your home today.  You never, ever want to mess around with fire in the house, that’s why taking these precautions is so vital, not only to your home, but your loved ones that live inside.  Be smart and stay safe when dealing with fire. Don’t ever let an event like a fire, which can often be highly preventable, lead to a massive loss of property, and one heck of a hefty claim on your CT home insurance, that’s for sure!