• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Have you ever considered the consequences of workers compensation fraud? As a busy employer, you may not be thinking about this at all! To be honest, workers compensation for CT employers will be affected, and not for the better, if there is a cause of fraud or scam.

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To avoid a higher premium, it is important to stop fraud once and for all. This means:

•    Always report injuries as soon as they happen. This will not only speed up the claims and recovery process, but the possibility of fraud is much less likely if you act quickly.

•    Educate your managers, supervisors and employees on the issue. All employees should be aware of fraud and what is considered to be fraud.

•    Train managers and micro-managers to handle claims. He or she may know the employee better than you, making it much more likely to catch a fraud claim.

•    If you have a suspicion, investigate. You should speak to witnesses, examine how the accident happened, etc.

•    If there are no witnesses to the injury, take it as a red flag.

•    Make it a point to run background checks on incoming employees. This may help you weed out the ones who frequently file claims and have a history of injuries.

Remember: for any claims made that you are not sure about, you can always contact our agency. We would be more than happy to go over the claim and make sure it is legitimate. We wouldn’t want your CT workers compensation premium to skyrocket! As always, you can also contact us for a free workers comp quote, too.