• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you own any type of business that deals with the distribution or consumption of liquor and other alcoholic beverages, then you face a massive liability situation.  Too often business owners ignore the very real threat of a claim filed against them due to injury or even death as a result of consuming a product that came from their selves.  Whether you own a local restaurant and bar, or a chain of liquor stores, you definitely need a liquor liability policy.

According to roughnotes.com, a liquor liability policy covers only injury or damage an insured has caused due to its serving or selling/furnishing alcoholic beverages. Therefore, a liquor liability policy supplements an operation’s general liability protection.

Liquor liability policies will protect a business from a variety of situations such as:

·         A package liquor store that is sued by parents of minors who jump from a roof after drinking wine the store had sold them

·         A bar owner who is sued by a person who was injured when an intoxicated patron emerged from the bar and fell on him

·         A restaurant that is sued by a customer who is hurt during a fight between two intoxicated patrons

·         A bar owner who is sued by the family of a women killed by an intoxicated driver who purchased liquor from the bar

However, the liquor policy also has several important limitations. For instance, it only responds to losses involving the insured business owner and employees (not their friends and relatives). Also, no coverage exists for intentional (deliberate) acts. Further, coverage does not apply to injury caused by the actual alcoholic beverage, such as food poisoning from contaminated beer.

Make sure to invest in excellent liability coverage when starting your new business.  Allow your business to grow and prosper and not fail because of a liability claim filed against you.  Stop down to Paradiso Insurance, and let us assist you with your new business today!