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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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National Spouses Day is a day dedicated to recognizing spouses and celebrating longevity, commitment, growth, and happiness with your significant other. In any healthy relationship, showing your spouse how much you truly care is something you should already be doing. Today we have gathered up some ways you can keep expressing that care. Remember, National Spouses Day is not a gift giving holiday, so put your wallet away and get creative!

  • Leave notes around the house
  • Make their favorite meal
  • Make a mixed CD of song they will enjoy
  • Take on extra tasks around the house and give them a break
  • Do something that is important to them
  • Listen to them (put your phone down)
  • Write a love note in a handmade card
  • Visit a local park and play outside
  • Get up early and make a special breakfast
  • Make a photo collage
  • Work on something they have been talking about
  • Stay at home with them instead of going out, or go out together
  • Watch the kids as they relax
  • Bake their favorite dessert
  • Speak only words of love and encouragement

The list doesn’t have to stop there, put your thinking cap on and have your significant other smiling from ear to ear. You may even decide to look back on this list more frequently! Remember, it doesn’t have to be National Spouses Day to show your appreciation!