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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you have a loved one, grandchild, parent, son or daughter that lives far away and you’d like to stay connected with them, then you’ve come to the right place! Now that the holiday season has passed, many of us had our once a year chance to connect with our extended families, and of course, that’s always an amazing experience. Although, connecting with your family doesn’t just have to be a once a year tradition. There are other ways that you can stay connected with your loved ones, even from afar! Today, we are going to talk about some of our favorite long distance technology, and how you can connect with family on a daily basis even if they live very far away.


If you haven’t already heard of Skype, it’s a free app for Windows, Mac, Smartphones, and Tablets. Skype is a free download, and allows you to voice chat and video call anyone, from anywhere! Skype is fairly easy to use. You simply create an account, then send your friends or family your Skype ID so they can add you to their contacts. Once you have each other added, you can initiate video or voice calls. Although, in order to use Skype’s voice and video features, you’ll need a microphone or webcam on your computer. Most smartphones or tablets have them built right in though.

To get started with Skype for free today, check out their website online here, and you’ll be chatting with family and friends in no time!

Google Hangouts

If Skype sounds like a great option to you, but you don’t want to make the download to use it, then Google Hangouts is another great free alternative. If you already have a Google or Gmail account, then there will be no signup required for Google Hangouts. Additionally, PC users can go to Google Hangouts right online to get started using their product, without any downloads! Beyond that, Google Hangouts has the same functions as Skype, with text chatting and voice/video calling available. To use Google Hangouts, go to their website here, then invite people to talk using the left hand column to get connected. Smartphone and Tablet uses can connect to Google Hangouts by searching for Hangouts in the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and downloading the app for free.


Now, this next one is only for Apple users, whether that’s a Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, or any other Apple devices that have built in microphones and webcams. With Facetime, you can video directly video chat with your contacts, as long as they are also on an Apple device. All you need is a phone number or email that is associated to an Apple user, then you can pick up your device and search for Facetime. Once initiated, you’ll have both video and audio up and running to have a conversation with your family and friends from long distance.


This app is definitely the most unique from the others we discussed already. With WhatsApp, you can message people or call them by syncing your WhatsApp to your phone number. WhatsApp uses text, video and voice calling, and of course, you can chat with anyone all over the world with this long distance technology. The best part about WhatsApp is that you can download it for PC, smartphone, tablet, Mac, and pretty much any other smart device. It is completely compatible with a wide range of devices, so even if you and your friends or family are on different devices, WhatsApp should allow you to connect regardless. To get started with WhatsApp, just check out their downloads page.

Stay Connected to your Agent

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