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Stress in the work environment is common everywhere. Absenteeism, lowered productivity, staff turnover, workers’ compensation, and increased cost of medical insurance are all stress symptoms. Personally, stress at work can just make you miserable physically and emotionally.

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Stress isn’t always bad. A bit of stress can stimulate creativity and productivity. Continued stress is the problem. Typically, we sense a building stress in life, react and deal with it, then relax. Unfortunately, in the modern workplace, stress is often overwhelming and no relaxation is possible.

As employees, we have little control over the work environment in the way of management, physical environment, or social contacts. Here are a few tips to help reduce stress:

• Clean your desk before you go home at the end of the workday. This makes facing work easier the next day.

• Plan your time. This is where a priority list is helpful. Knowing that you will address important issues reduces stress. Answer the e-mail twice a day rather than as it comes in. Make phone calls short – even the most enjoyable client takes time – perhaps set a timer. (Another phone call is a good excuse)

• Move away from your desk or workplace for breaks and lunch. Look out the window to rest your eyes if you spend time on the computer.

• Talk with people you trust – either at work or at home. Just being able to discuss problems helps.

• Do your best to keep home issues at home. Keeping home issues balanced at length can add to workplace stress.

• Be sure to cultivate hobbies, sports, and pastimes out of work. There are two advantages to this: You have additional topics of conversation and you can focus your mind elsewhere.

All of these strategies can help the individual cope with stress at work. Employers have begun to realize that there are ways of helping to make their workplaces less stressful for employees with the intent of reducing their bottom line and keeping competent employees longer. Gradually workplaces are becoming more people-friendly. Until that is accomplished, take care of yourself.