• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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No matter how well your business may be going, at a moment’s notice, everything can change.  The recent explosion and fire that occurred at one of Stafford’s local restaurants, the Mill Town Tavern, should have any owner double-checking their business’s insurance policy.

The same precautions that we all take in our homes to prevent a fire should also be implemented in the workplace. Any business owner needs to make sure their office is just as safe as their homes. Here’s some fire safety guidelines from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) that should absolutely be in place at any office.

  • Exit routes from buildings must be clear and free of obstructions and properly marked with signs designating exits from the building.
  • Only approved fire extinguishers are permitted in workplaces, and they must be kept in good operating condition. Proper maintenance and inspection of this equipment is required of each employer.
  • Employers need to implement a written fire prevention plan to complement the fire evacuation plan to minimize the frequency of evacuation. Stopping unwanted fires from occurring is the most efficient way to handle them. The written plan shall be available for employee review.
  • Properly designed and installed fixed fire suppression systems enhance fire safety in the workplace. Automatic sprinkler systems throughout the workplace are among the most reliable fire fighting means. The fire sprinkler system detects the fire, sounds an alarm and puts the water where the fire and heat are located.

A company can never be too cautious about the wellbeing of its employees and property.  The old adage, “Less is more” simply does not apply to fire safety in the workplace.  A business can incur financial losses in a variety of ways including lawsuits, property damage, and employee compensation.  Make sure your company is safe and definitely inquire into your Connecticut business insurance policy to guarantee that business is covered.  Call a Paradiso Insurance expert at 860.684.5270 with any questions you may have!