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When a customer walks into your nail salon, you want them to feel like they’ve made the right decision. One wrong move can tarnish your reputation to a client in seconds, and we don’t want that to happen! We’ve put together a list of things your clients may be paying extra attention to, so you can be prepared and keep your clients coming back for more!

At A Glance

As your client steps through the door, are they wowed by the professional atmosphere or are they wondering why the trash cans are overflowing? It’s a good idea to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Next time you walk into your salon, don’t walk in blindly. Instead, take a moment to look at your salon as if you were the customer. Ask yourself: Are thing looking neat and organized or are they out of place? Are surfaces looking clean or are they dusty? Evaluate your salon to be sure your clients feel good about where they are before you even get to work.

Your Licence

If your licence is hanging out on the back wall, it’s time to move it up front! Showing off your licence tells your customers that you care about what they think, and you want them to know that you do things the right way. So grab your licence and place it proudly near the entrance where everyone can see it.

Bye Bye Bacteria

One of the main concerns of customers at nail salons is cleanliness. It is important that you are very particular about how you keep things clean, not only because of what your customer think, but also because spreading germs is dangerous! Consider what techniques you are currently using to disinfect. Do your research! You may find that some techniques aren’t as effective at killing bacteria as you thought they were.

Keep it Fresh

Every customer wants to be treated as an individual. You need to do more than just talk about it. Show them that you care about their personal needs and safety.Make sure you are replacing anything that shouldn’t be used twice when you are presented with a new customer. For example, using the same towel twice is not only unsanitary, but it is a sure way to make a customer feel like they are not receiving any special treatment.

Clean-Up Protocol

Mistakes happen. Sometimes a client gets knicked and starts to bleed. Do you have a protocol for this? Or does everyone have their own way of doing things? Be sure to have a solid protocol in place when it comes to cleaning up any blood or bodily fluids. Having a specific procedure in place will not only ensure proper clean up, but it will also show professionalism.

So the next time you step into your salon, be sure to reference these tips to see what your salon can improve upon. Now that you have a customer friendly salon, have you thought about who’s protecting it? Is your Connecticut Business Insurance policy gap free and getting you the best rate possible? That may be something you want to put on your list of to do’s as well! We hope all of your customers leave smiling and coming back for more!