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It is truly a shock when a family member passes away.  Tragedy can strike at any time.  When one experiences a loss, they generally don’t care about money or paying the bills.  It is very important to be protected ahead of time in case of a loss.  Are you prepared?  The average cost of a funeral can range anywhere from $2,000 to over $10,000 after a funeral plot, a coffin, and flowers are purchased.  A death is also often the end of a steady income.  Many people cannot afford to live the way they do without their partner’s income. 

     How can you be covered?  There are multiple types of life insurance.  Term Life insurance is coverage for a specific period of time.  Generally, 20 years is the maximum time somebody can be covered under a Term policy.  Whole Life Insurance is a form of life insurance that remains active during the person’s entire lifetime.  Universal Life Insurance is a form of life insurance that is characterized by variable premiums. Universal Life Insurance can build itself up over time and it is guaranteed never to fall below a certain fixed point.  All three of these types of life insurance will keep you and your family financially stable in case of a loss.

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 – The Paradiso Team