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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Halloween is almost here, and to celebrate, the staff at Paradiso Insurance would like to share some of their favorite Halloween candies with you!

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers are a great choice for anyone who has a sweet tooth and enjoys a fruity flavor. Normally, Jolly Ranchers come individually wrapped as small pieces in a variety pack. However, you can also now get them in lollipop form.


Skittles is a longtime favorite of many with a variety of fruity flavors and colors. Skittles are a candy to please all ages this Halloween.


M&M’s are pretty similar to Skittles, except they are made with chocolate rather than a fruity filling. M&M’s now come in variety of flavors such as, peanut butter, pretzel, almond, dark chocolate, and caramel just to name a few. If you’re craving chocolate in your Halloween candies, M&M’s can be quite the treat.


Twizzlers tend to be more of a child’s favorite candy because you can rip Twizzlers apart and play with them, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t have fun enjoying this candy. Twizzlers are essentially strings of licorice candy wound together like a rope that you can break apart and eat, and while Twizzlers are notorious for their traditional strawberry flavor, you can buy Twizzlers in flavors such as strawberry lemonade, sour, orange popsicle, grape, watermelon, and even chocolate.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have been around for a while, and quickly became a staple candy during Halloween time. In fact, Reese’s always makes sure to create Halloween themed peanut butter cups anyone can enjoy. Additionally, Reese’s now also has peanut butter cups stuffed with chocolate pieces or nuts, as miniature cups, and even bars.


Snickers has come a long way in terms of their marketing, often telling consumers, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” and just this year, Snickers has released 3 new flavors alongside their traditional milk chocolate. Snickers is a chocolate bar with caramel and nuts inside, and for Halloween their mini versions often hit the shelves.


Similar to Snickers, Twix also contains caramel and chocolate but it’s layered around a cookie center. Twix is most commonly sold with milk chocolate, but flavors such as peanut butter, gingerbread, mint, ice cream, and much more can be found around the world.

Of course, not everyone gets to enjoy eating Halloween candies this time of year. Did you know that the patients at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center cannot have chocolate or candy, because it interferes with their medical treatments?

Unfortunately, these kids cannot celebrate the traditional Halloween like everyone else, so we bring Halloween spirit to them with our Reverse Trick or Treat program. To learn more about Reverse Trick or Treat, click the button below.

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