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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Need some fresh vegetables or beautiful flowers? Why not visit our partners at Foster Hill Farm and support the hard working farmers who make our little town thrive!

Karl and Kim Milikowski, the owners of Foster Hill Farm, are local farmers right here in Stafford Springs and offer a wide variety of agricultural products. They work hard in their green houses to grow a variety of stunning flowers, herbs, and vegetables. In fact, Karl and Kim offer a variety of specialty tomatoes and peppers, so if you’re looking for that extra kick in your next meal stop down to their farm to get what you need. Everything is grown right here in Stafford, so you’ll get to enjoy locally grown products.

A variety of plants at a farm stand.

Additionally, their farm also houses a variety of donkeys that they raise and rescue. They work directly with Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue to save these neglected or abused animals and give them a new walk of life.

A donkey at Foster Hill Farm.The donkeys are very well taken care of and have plenty of space to live and play. If you’re interested in adopting one of their rescues check out their list of available donkeys  or call 860-729-6310 for information about adoption.

Karl, the owner of Foster Hill Farms, holding freshly grown flowers.Foster Hill Farm also attends many of our community events in town. Karl and Kim regularly attend Farm Day in town to help get their rescue donkeys adopted and help educate citizens about donkey care. They even showed up at the Easter Egg Hunt and brought a miniature donkey for children to see and pet. Everyone enjoyed their donkey and it was great to see our young community members learning.

So, the next time you need vegetables or flowers for your next event, stop by Foster Hill Farm! They’re open every day from 9AM-6PM and are located at 21 Stafford St. Stafford Springs, CT. They can be reached by phone at 860-729-6310 and don’t forget to follow and like their Facebook page for updates!