• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Here at Paradiso Insurance, we are happy to sponsor and support the cause of our partnerUnwillington. Their mission statement states:

“We are Willington.  And we are unwilling to let the state damage our environment, destroy our property values, shatter our town’s character, and steamroll the democratic process.”

Essentially, the Connecticut State Police need a new gun range and training facility right now. But, instead of updating their current location or seeking out other state property, they want to purchase privately owned land and build a massive paramilitary compound on it. The new version of the project has swelled to a 55,000 square foot building, two control towers, four outdoor shooting ranges, an indoor range, lockers for large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, and a garage.  Off the record reports include a landing pad for helicopters, a driving range, and a possible relocation of the entire police academy.

Opposition to this proposal as it stands goes way beyond the “Not In My Backyard” mentality.  Opposition to this proposal is not about gun ownership, gun control, or the Second Amendment.  Opposition to this proposal is not about police.  What this opposition is about is protesting a massive overreach by a state entity that should not be allowed to happen in any town, and we stand behind Unwillington’s efforts here at Paradiso Insurance.

unWillington, Inc.
PO Box 451
Willington, CT 06279