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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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While many of our past partner’s blogs have focused on our local shops right here in Stafford Springs, our agency would like to introduce one of our very charitable partners: The Robin’s Nest Children’s Home out of Minnesota.

The Robin’s Nest is a non-profit Christian organization that provides basic needs to children who do not have access to them in Jamaica. Additionally, while the ministry itself is located in Minnesota, they provide shelter, clothing, food, and education to children who are in or at risk for poverty and homelessness in Jamaica. They also work with various other non-profits to raise money to fight childhood homelessness. Homelessness is a sad, unfortunate situation that can happen to anyone, but is even more difficult as a child.

Additionally, in many impoverished parts of the world children do not have the same privileges as others and need help just to survive. Many children in this home come not only from poverty, but broken and abusive households as well. Moreover, not only does The Robin’s Nest provide these basic needs, but more importantly provides children with safety and a sense of purpose.

Plus, just because The Robin’s Nest is not local to our town or state doesn’t mean you can’t help in supporting their cause. Many people give during the holidays and around Christmas time; however, here at the agency, charity isn’t just a seasonal affair! It’s a year-round act that we all like to be involved in.

Additionally, there’s plenty of ways for you and your family to get involved, such as:


Even contributing $1 will still go a long way. Many children who live in this home come from abusive environments and are in impoverished conditions.

Sponsor a Child

Donate only $20 a month to sponsor a child, and all proceeds will go to providing a meal, clothing, and education for that child. Application forms can be found on the website in the link above.

Give Goods

Children require a lot of work to raise, therefore, it’s critical volunteers and workers have access to goods that foster a healthy environment to live in. If you or anyone you know has gently used or new kid’s clothing, toys, or school supplies that are no longer needed, why not give it to a child in need? The website has a list of currently needed items and changes it to accommodate demand.

Give Your Time

The Robin’s Nest is presently seeking interns as well as day and night staff to work in their Jamaican housing location. If you’re interested in visiting Jamaica while also contributing your time to a great cause, fill out the applications online and send them in to apply! This would make a great experience for any college students or graduates looking for work.

Charitable Gifts

If you’re in need of a gift for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or something for yourself why not purchase something going to a great cause? Items such as shirts, calendars, and jewelry can be purchased off their website.

The Robin’s Nest Children’s Home can be contacted by mail: P.O. Box 122 Lake Elmo, MN 55042-0122, email:, or phone: 605-582-7019. They also have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook you can follow them on to see recent updates and current work they’re doing.

Do you have any charitable organizations we’d like to include in our next blog? If so, let us know in the comments below!