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dog with a suitcaseWhen you plan to travel with your pet, there are two aspects of preparation to consider. One aspect involves directly preparing your pet for the journey. Another aspect involves making preparations to assure that you have made the proper arrangements for traveling with your pet.

It is recommended that you place your pet in a carrier when traveling by car. Airlines require a specific type of carrier. This is something you will need to be prepared for if you are planning to travel with your pet by plane. Prior to traveling, you should introduce your pet to the carrier and give it time to become comfortable with riding inside of it. Don’t feed your pet just before leaving home and don’t feed it while riding in the car. Give it a snack on one of the stops you make for exercise and potty time. It’s a good idea to walk your dog before setting out on your journey. Be sure there is nothing in the carrier such as a leash or toy that your pet could choke on.

It’s your responsibility to find out the pet related rules, regulations and restrictions that the airlines and motels you’ll be using have in place. Regardless of how you plan to travel or where you plan to travel to, you should have your pet checked by a vet and make sure it is current with its vaccines. Take a copy of your pet’s health record with you. Your pet should have an ID tag or microchip whether you plan to travel with it or not.

When you pack your pet’s food, bowls, toys, and bedding for the trip, be sure you also pack any medications your pet takes. Make sure you have enough medication to last until you return home.