Protect Yourself from these Summertime Liabilities
  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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When it comes to neighborhoods in the summertime, there always seems to be that one house that everyone flocks to. If you have noticed this being your residence over the years, you should set aside some time to really assess the risks that are posed to your guests. Of course, if you have children, it is nice knowing they are safe at your home. However, when it comes to guests you must take extra precautions. It’s important to put safety measures in place to reduce the risk of injuries.

At Your Swimming Pool

swimming pool

If you are willing to invest in a pool, you must be willing to invest in protecting yourself as the owner of it. Guests can find themselves in many dangerous situations if they’re not careful. You may even be held liable for someone you didn’t invite. We recommend taking the following steps to ensure the safety of others, as well as yourself:

  • Control Accessibility: Nothing says “come on in” to a group of antsy teens on a Friday night like a pool with no fence! Be sure to install a self-locking fence to ensure onlookers know they are not welcome without an invitation!
  • Set Clear Rules: Set rules and stick to them. If you must, write them out on a sign so they won’t slip anyone’s mind. Include rules regarding supervision, the maximum number of guests, and behavior around and inside the pool.
  • Skip the Diving Board & Slide: Don’t worry about being a buzzkill because you don’t have a diving board or slide. You’re better off not having one instead of having to deal with a real buzzkill like someone getting injured!
  • Buy Safety Equipment: Have safety equipment on hand such as a life hook and make sure it is clearly displayed.

On Your Trampoline


Trampolines are all fun-and-games until someone gets hurt. Just like your pool, there are precautions you can take to decrease injuries. Please note, we said decrease. When it comes to any of these outdoor summer attractions, the liability is there no matter what. You can reduce the risk of injury, but you can’t totally eliminate it. When it comes to your trampoline, consider the following:

  • Control Accessibility:  Be sure to install a fence with a self-locking gate.
  • Get Proper Safety Equipment: Invest in proper netting and padding for your trampoline to reduce the severity of any potential injuries.
  • Set Rules: Don’t let your trampoline be a free for all. You should set strict rules to decrease the risk of injury.

In Your Treehouse

Of course, children love treehouses, it’s like their own little getaway! When it comes to treehouses falls are the most common cause of injuries. However, you don’t have to be part of this statistic! Reduce the risk of injuries in your treehouse by:

  • Building it low:  You must anticipate a fall at some point in time. Avoid building a treehouse higher than 10 feet above the ground. Furthermore, lay down at least 9 inches of wood mulch or a protective surface to decrease the shock of a fall.
  • Limit Access: Again, set rules when it comes to when children are allowed in the treehouse as well as rules regarding supervision and behavior.
  • Leave out the ropes: Ropes may be an attractive accessory at first, but they pose a huge risk as a strangulation hazard.
tree house

While having these things at your house may bring much joy and summertime fun, be sure you are aware and proactive about the risks you are taking. Here at Paradiso Insurance, we are dedicated to making sure we keep you informed when it comes to protection!

Your biggest protection comes with ensuring you are properly covered with the proper homeowner’s liability limits. If you aren’t sure you have the right amount for your summertime fun, give us a call today, we will be happy to review your policy for gaps in coverage and make recommendations to keep you protected!