• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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So we all know the obvious negative effects on someone’s health due to smoking- heart disease, lung cancer, throat cancer, the list goes on and on.  It’s really quite amazing that people smoke at all anymore because of the known and proven damages that smoking does to the body.  

Additionally, we also know how beneficial it is for you to stop smoking, because to be frank, you’ll begin to add years back onto your life.  Moreover, chances are your premiums for general CT life insurance will probably be a little less expensive as well.

To further prove this point even more, new research shows that the time scientists and doctors thought it would take to add years back onto a person’s life after quitting smoking has actually lowered.  Previously, it was believed that a smoker’s risk of cardiovascular disease was lowered to that of someone who had never smoke after quitting FIFTEEN YEARS PRIOR.  That’s a long time if you ask me!  But now, new research has shown that this may take less time than 15 years.

How long then? Well research has shown that the number is down to eight years.  But what’s even better is that there are numerous health improvements that occur almost immediately after someone quits smoking.  There are just so many health benefits to either quit smoking, or never doing it all together, that should have everyone thinking twice before picking up one of those ‘cancer sticks.’