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Did you know that March is Red Cross Month? This month recognizes the efforts of Red Cross services and the lengths their volunteers go to as they strive to help others.

The Red Cross is most recognized for its blood drives and immediate response after a natural disaster or tragedy. However, the Red Cross also does a lot to support our military, veterans, and their families, which is something our agency can stand behind. The services they offer to those who have served or are currently serving, include:

Financial Assistance

The Red Cross works to provide emergency aid to our veterans, military service members, and their families. Funds for food, shelter, travel, burial of a loved one, and more can be applied online or over the phone at 1-877-272-7337. You can also download the free Hero Care App, which provides veterans, military members, and their families access to vital resources.

Deployment Services

Military deployment can be difficult for families, especially the children of a deployed active member. Red Cross services such as workshops can help families cope with deployment, and steps to take beforehand. Additionally, mind-body workshops can help active members and young children deal with the stress of deployment.

These workshops focus on positive coping mechanisms such as, drawing, journaling, medication, stretching, and more. You can register for the classes in advance online.

Military Emergency Services

In the event an emergency happens at home while an active service member is deployed, Red Cross services for our military include emergency communication for family members to get in touch in the unfortunate event something happens. These services are available every hour of every day, and are made possible by the dedicated workers and volunteers at the Red Cross.

How can you help?

Of course, Red Cross services wouldn’t be available to our veterans, military, and their families without the help of generous donors and volunteers. You can give a monetary donation, start a fundraiser, or even give your own time to help those in need.

Please help give back to our military, veterans, and their families, they have sacrificed so much for our country – it’s important to support them!

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