• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Safety in the workplace should be one of the most important things on the mind of any business owner.  As we all know, it’s the people that make a company great, but when those employees are getting hurt left and right, then maybe your place of business isn’t as safe as you think. That’s when you need to rethink your strategy in keeping your employees happy and healthy.

While most injuries at the workplace occur in a labor-intensive setting, such as construction workers or roofers, they also happen frequently in an office setting, probably more often than you think.  I know it sounds weird, but just think about those employees who throw their backs out when trying to lift heavy office equipment like a cabinet or pallet of printer paper.  Their safety may not be as much of a worry in the office as it is out at a construction site, but as we’ve said before, you never quite know when or how a work-related injury will occur.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration releases annual reports on the top 10 work safety violations that it finds throughout the country, and they’ve just released the 2012 report.  Here’s what OSHA found the most in any work setting:

1) Fall Protection- 7,250 violations

2) Hazard Communication- 4,696

3) Scaffolding: 3,814

4)Respiratory Protection: 2,371

5)Ladders: 2,310

6) Machine Guarding: 2,097

7)Powered Industrial Trucks: 1,993

8) Electrical Wiring methods: 1,744

9) Lockout/ Tagout: 1,572

10) Electrical: 1,332

So with all of that in mind, as a business owner, you need to have employee safety at the top of your priority list.  Once that’s done, you need to have stellar CT workers comp insurance to make sure that both your business and your employees will be covered in the event of an injury.  If you have other questions, please give Paradiso Insurance a call today!