• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We’ve arrived at the final day of our list of great ways to save on CT homeowners insurance.  Now the topics we have touched on included multi-policy discounts, gated communities, new roofs, and adjusting deductibles. We’ll round off our three day list today with the last of our tips.

Since we don’t want to delay with finishing the list any longer, here’s the last seven tips that could really help you out with your CT homeowners insurance coverage and the money you spend on it.

14) Paid off home- if you’re lucky enough to have your home paid off, and no longer are bogged down by a mortgage, then you can qualify for a discount with some carriers.

15) Premium check- From year to year, some carriers change their premiums without much notice, so make sure that you check those out from time to time.

16) Independent broker- If you utilize an independent broker who can allow you the opportunity to choose from a variety of carriers, then that’s all good for you, because chances are you’ll be saving some dough.

17) Choosing to file a claim- Remember, not every little thing is claim worthy.  If it’s cheaper to fix something yourself rather than file a claim, then do that, because if you chose to file a claim on minor things, then you’ll be looking at a premium spike.

18) Background Checks-  Simply put, the better background you have, the more money you save.

19) Credit score- Just like on the background check tip above this one, the better credit you have, the better deal you’ll receive.

20) Beware- Just make sure of the information that you fill out on the internet.  You don’t know where that information is going if your doing it online.  That’s why talking to a trusted rep at an agency, like one of ours at your local CT homeowners insurance is the way to go!