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Waving American FlagVeteran’s Day is a time to celebrate the military service of people in the community. It is also a time to perform community service to make your neighborhood a better place. You can serve your community on Veteran’s Day in a few different ways.

Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup
You can serve your community by organizing a neighborhood cleanup. This just involves getting friends, neighbors and family members together on Veteran’s Day. Get some cleaning supplies and trash bags. You can then choose a street, park or certain area to clean. Pick up trash, care for trees and make the neighborhood look nice. This will make the neighborhood better for everyone.

Volunteer To Drive Disabled People and Veterans
A number of organizations exist that arrange rides for disabled individuals and disabled veterans. You can volunteer with one of these organizations on Veteran’s Day. You can use your vehicle to pick up people and drive them to places like grocery stores, the homes of relatives, or holiday celebrations. This can make a real difference to someone in need.

Help Repair the Homes of Military Families
You could get a group together and offer to help repair the homes of military families. This could mean cleaning up the outside property, fixing doors and windows, or even painting the house. Just a few repairs can change the life of a military family without the resources to do the job themselves. This also helps to beautify the neighborhood.

Deliver Meals or Care Package to the Community
A final idea is to deliver meals or care packages to people in the community who need them. Some veterans and people with medical problems cannot get outside to buy food easily. Several organizations provide pre-made meals and care packages that these people can use. You will be helping the people in your community by volunteering to deliver these meals or care packages.