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When renting an apartment or home, be it your very first one, or your fourth, is always a process.  What makes a big difference though, and thus makes things a whole lot easier for you, is having a great landlord.  They can really make or break your renting experience, but remember that you hold some power in the renting deal as well.  

You already know that having the right Connecticut Insurance for Renters is essential in case anything were to happen to your apartment or home, so here’s some tips on dealing with your landlord, because you already have your insurance all set:

  1. Ask for some work done before you sign-  if the place needs a good paint job or some new appliances, asking for these to be done in order to agree to the lease will have these jobs completed very quickly.  Don’t be pushy though.
  2. Watch out for the damage deposit- go through the apartment and mark down any damages that are currently there before move in day, so you won’t get the blame for them when you move in.
  3. Whose paying the bills? Make sure you’re clear on whose paying what utilities.  Some landlords will leave them entirely up to you, however others may pay for some things, like the water bill. Make sure you know what you’re paying.

Hopefully these few little tips will help you out in your renting experience and makes things just a little easier for you. Remember to call  Paradiso Insurance for any and all of your insurance needs, and best of luck with your new apartment!