• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As a business owner, there are certain things that you simply can’t go without, and one of those is workers comp coverage.  Now we know thatit’s the law to have coverage, so obviously you’ve got to have it. What we’re referring to is having the best coverage possible, not the bear bones minimum.  When an employee injures themselves at the workplace, the issues that can arise from this situation can be numerous if you don’t have a good type of CT workers comp coverage. And don’t think workers comp claims are only for companies that deal with construction or other types of manual labor.  An employee canslip in your office’s kitchen and injure his or her back, and be out for two weeks.  This can happen to any business!

For the sake of this blog though, we’ll deal primarily with contracting and construction firms.  So what can you do to avoid employee injuries? Here’s some tips that are easy to follow, and could save your employees immensely.

  • Use proper safety equipment, eye protection, ear plugs, steel toe footwear.
  • Machinery has proper safety measures, guards in place, emergency shut off.
  • Lifting techniques, safety belts, team lifting.
  • Make sure employees are alert, not overtired to prevent accidents while operating machinery.

If your company follows these simple tips, then their chances of employee injuries are going to be pretty low.  Nothing is for certain, and freak accidents can happen at any moment, but taking these few safety precautions can greatly increase your chances of a safe work environment.  We’ll return to these tips every month for a refresher in case you forget too!