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Now that school’s are starting to get out for the summer, it’s time for family vacation, and what better trip to take everyone on then a drive across the United States to see our beautiful nation.  You never know what you could find on historical Route 66 or heading through the prairies of the midlands on one of the many interstate highways.   But just remember to always make sure that your Connecticut auto insurance has you covered in case you hit a buffalo out in Utah or a wild animal in West Virginia!

So what might you find while leaving the northeast and heading in any direction, whether north, south or west? Well here’s some great hidden destinations that would be great to stop at while making your way across the country.

Don Pedro Island, Florida

Nearest highway: I-75 

This is a great stretch of beach that not too many people know about. Just south of Tampa, you’ll love it. 

Salida, Colorado

Nearest highway: U.S. 285 

In the Arkansas Valleythis is the place to be forr Arkansas River rafting, and when the weather gets really warm, bring along that Kayak!

Springdale, Utah

Nearest highway: U.S. 15, which runs from Vegas  to Salt Lake.

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country.There are quite a few National Parks in Utah, and they’re all great, but Zion is the one that takes your breath away, really it does.

Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

Nearest highway: U.S. 84 

This is a place that when the sun goes down in the desert, it’ll get cold, but it’s totally worth it seeing the thousands of stars that light up the sky. They illuminate the  the land so much that it’s almost like a second daylight.