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Well, here we are.  We’ve arrived at the final chapter of our four day long discussion on healthy eating and snacking habits during and right after the holiday season.  With fifteen tips in total, we’re down to our final five.  From overeating because of skipping meals, to avoiding hot cocoa late night because of the caffeine involved, there pretty much isn’t anything we haven’t already discussed.

But nevertheless, the final day and the last tips are here.  So without further delay, here are the last of them to help both you and your ct insurance out!

Thirteen: Avoid those tasty and tempting sliders.  I know, they’re delicious, but they’re also pretty high in fat.  These foods require additional time to digest it all, so that will lead to a disrupted sleep pattern and a slightly large pant size.  Now if you only have one or two, you’ll be okay, but five or six is definitely not a good thing.

Fourteen: Try a supplement!  You don’t hear anything but good things about such supplements like fish oil which is high in omega-threes. Or why not try some Vitamin D? The sun’s not out long during this time of the year so this will more than likely have you feeling a little better!

Fifteen: Don’t let January drag on! Do something or plan something during this this usually uneventful and cold month.  It gives you something to look forward to if nothing else! 

So we hope these tips that last couple of days will help you out in some way or another.  Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve from all of us at Paradiso Insurance.