• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As a business owner, you have a variety of responsibilities. One of the more important responsibilities: taking care of your employees. That being said, providing workers compensation to CT employees is essential, but beware: workers compensation fraud is an increasing issue in the workplace!

If you are not on top of employee claims, your company may get taken advantage of. Allowing this to happen will do nothing but bring harmful consequences. Here are just a few costly consequences:

•    The worst consequence: a higher premium. If you are a small business, you may not be able to afford this rise in your premium, ultimately putting yourself out of business.

•    Your business will be much weaker, in terms of employee morale and company income.

•    If the company cannot afford a higher premium, they may end up having to fire and layoff good employees. This can be damaging to the company structure and image.

•    The “injured” employee may be taking time off, but how about the rest of your employees? They will be working double to manage the absent employee’s work. Exhaustion leads to aggravation.

Do you want to see your business suffer these consequences? We didn’t think so! That is why it is so important to investigate all accidents and injuries and make sure you speak with witnesses (if there are any.) The last thing you want is to be paying more for workers compensation. CT employers should do all that they can to keep their premium low!

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