• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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When events like the recent train accident in southern Connecticut occur, they cause us to stop and think about everyone and everything effected.  Moreover, it opens our eyes to just how many things revolve around insurance policies. Today we’re going to look at few different scenarios that likely played out after the train accident, which fortunately had no fatalities.

Let’s look at the obvious CT insurance coverage, and that’s health insurance for those that were injured in the accident.  Obviously they’re going to need medical attention, some for more than a single day.  So having solid and reliable CT insurance coverage will allow your finances to remain in tact if you were injured in the accident.  Talk about adding insult to injury.. getting hurt from someone else’s error and having to foot the bill yourself!

Secondly, lets look at the property insurance effected by the accident.  What if the train derailed so bad that it damaged a few small businesses or homes even? Luckily that wasn’t the case here, but it definitely makes you stop and think about what could have happened, and how you never quite know when your CT insurance policy will be called into play.

Finally, let’s look at this from the business end.  Certainly Amtrak is held liable in this situation, but again, it makes you think about the unbelievable amount of insurance claims they’re going to have to pay out over the course of the next couple of months because of this accident. Again, it all comes back to insurance!

As we can see, an event such as this can really have a significant effect on the insurance world, because, well, everything effected in some way comes back to an insurance policy, whether it’s a personal health policy, a property policy, or business policy! It’s truly amazing.  We hope everyone hurt by this accident has a speedy recovery, and that their CT insurance provides them the coverage they need in a time like this!