• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you are an independent contractor, there is no doubt that you rely on your contracting business for your own well-being. As such, your safety, financial security, and reputation should all be at the forefront of how you conduct business on various work sites and projects. Here are a few situations that contractors insurance coverage can help you safeguard against, reducing your risk and increasing your chance of avoiding a contractors insurance claim.


  • Property Damage: Be sure to take extra precautions on every job site, as claims of damage or broken property can come back to haunt you. Not only that, but your own property can be damaged in an accident and cost you a fortune!
  • Personal Injury: Always leave a neat and tidy work site on every project, and be sure your employees are well-versed in the dangers of the job. Always keep your clients a safe distance from where you are working, and never allow children near the site.
  • Negligence and Liability: If you are finished with a job, you can still be held liable for perceived negligence for something on the project that was not properly finished. Damage in the future can still come back to you, so you want to safeguard against this.
  • Dishonesty and Other Claims: Even in the event that a job is completed properly, you run the risk of a client charging you with dishonesty or improper workmanship on the site. The details of every project matter when you are trying to keep the customer satisfied with the job you’re doing!

Of course, even if none of these situations happen, you still run the risk as a contractor of someone claiming damage or injury, regardless of if it happened or not – and the legal fees alone can be enough to sink your contracting business! Contact our agents to get coverage with contractors insurance – and do it sooner rather than later. It may not be something that can wait. *