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yoga classA fit and healthy workforce can be an incredible asset for any business. You want to encourage your employees to become healthier and more active. This can be difficult in the workplace especially if fitness is not part of the current culture. A few tips will help you to promote employee fitness.

Offer Incentives for Healthy Behaviors

One idea is to provide incentives for healthy behaviors. You want to encourage employees to do things like walk or bike to work, lose excess weight and quit smoking. If employees are interested, then they can take part in the incentive program to meet personal fitness goals. People who meet those goals can be rewarded with gift cards, time off or trophies acknowledging a personal commitment to fitness.

Remove Temptations in the Workplace

Remove any temptations in the workplace that could encourage unhealthy habits. Remove vending machines that contain nothing but sugary, starchy and salty snacks. Replace them with healthier options like fresh fruits or bags of trail mix. Provide standing stations and balance balls so employees do not have to sit still in a chair while working. Removing temptations can help to send the message that fitness matters in the workplace.

Lead By Example

Something that can be very inspiring is seeing the owner of a business or the leaders all taking steps to become more fit. You want to lead by example. Let the employees know and see that you and other key figures are taking fitness seriously. This can encourage everyone to start exercising, eating right and living a healthier lifestyle.

Offer Wellness Trainings

A final tip is to offer wellness training or classes. These simple classes include a fitness expert talking about ways to get healthy. The classes can cover topics like good nutrition, the right way to exercise or ways to stay active at work. These classes can teach the whole workforce about fitness.