• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well what would New England be without weather that leaves you scratching your head.  Last week, temperatures dipped into the low twenties, however today the thermometer is almost reading fifty-five degrees in Stafford Springs! While this random change in weather may be reeking havoc on your choices for work clothes, it’s also affecting something else that’s parked in your driveway or garage.

Your car, truck, or SUV is susceptible to malfunctions when temperatures are so spastic.   Moreover, if something were to happen you your car, your CT auto insurance coverage may kick in if the damage is severe enough.   Your engine is especially at risk to these temperature changes.  When the weather becomes extremely cold, it becomes increasingly difficult to operate, and even simply turn on.  While it operates better in the warmer weather, these weeks that have days of fifty degrees and twenty degrees don’t allow your engine enough time to get use to running in the cold weather.  This is especially true of diesel engines.  

So if the weather keeps up like it has over the past couple of weeks, make sure you’re extra observant of your car’s performance, especially your engine.  You don’t want to leave something small that can easily be fixed, and then wait until something major happens and causes your CT auto insurance premiums to increase!