• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If your business thrives on winter weather, you may be finding yourself well short of this season’s projected revenues. Most car repair shops and winter sports equipment providers are experiencing a huge loss in sales because of the unseasonably warm winter that we have experienced thus far.  With these tough economic times, now mixed with a mild winter, the only positive that can result is to maintain your Hartford business insurance policy.

The folks at Inc.com have reported that businesses that rely on winter weather are hurting across the board.  Ski resorts are probably the most effected group, as snow fall is nowhere near what it should be for the beginning of February.  Subsequently, most sporting goods stores that sell winter sports gear are seeing their product remain on their shelves.  Furthermore, car repair shops, which see high amounts of revenues do to winter driving mishaps, are suffering as well.  Less people have invested in snow tires, and not as many accidents have occurred that otherwise would have due to snow or ice on the roads.

So if your business is hurting because of the warm winter, hopefully you have a back-up plan, because there’s no sign in the Connecticut forecast for any type of winter weather.  Maybe snow will come. Maybe it won’t.  But the tough part is…that’s completely out of our hands.