• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Last Friday, we began to discuss the ten easy ways to lower the cost of your CT homeowners insurance policy.  While we provided you with the first five, we decided to do our own version of a cliffhanger, and leave the final five for today!

So without further adieu, because we all know how much you all are waiting to hear what the final five are, they are listed below:

6.    Your home is a living being, it needs TLC! When you buy a home, you’re agreeing to keep it in good shape and improve it when the time is necessary.  Home improvement projects will happen to every homeowner, but just make sure they’re smart improvements, like replacing your roof when need be as opposed to just letting it go.  This can really save you come insurance time.

7.    Home security systems.  Obviously this is a sign that you take your home and family’s safety very seriously.  But it also indicates to your insurance agent that your home is less likely to suffer a loss from a burglary. Thus this would save you money on your home’s insurance premiums because of the lower risk.

8.    Have that credit rating under control.  You may think it’s cool to run up that credit card when you’re young on items you probably don’t need, but when it comes to buying a home and getting insurance, that awful credit rating is going to come back and bite you- hard.  Make sure you understand the importance credit rating, and how it plays in the cost of homeowner’s insurance- i.e.higher premiums.

9.    Look over your policy on a yearly basis. Like previously mentioned, your home is always changing, so make sure your policy matches the current state of your home.  Did you get rid of that old hot tub? Then there’s less likelihood of a liability claim on your home because of that item, so your coverage is probably going to change.

 10.    Shop and compare, just like anything else you buy. You can’t simply go with the first company you find, because you might as well just toss dollar bills out the window.  Compare companies and their rates for negotiating purposes,so that you get the best policy for the best price!