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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you actively follow us on social media, you’ve probably noticed by now that we all take pride in wearing red on Fridays. Whether it’s through our branded t-shirts or something like our socks, every Friday we go out of the way to wear red.

Our staff wearing red for RED Friday.

So, why do we wear red?

RED is more than just a color on Fridays. In fact, it stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed,” meaning the color red is a reminder for you to take the time every Friday to remember our troops. You may be excited for the weekend, but not everyone gets to come home, relax, or see their families. Those who are deployed may not even get the chance to see their loved ones for months on end.

Chris wearing a RED Friday shirt for our troops.

Therefore, it’s important to show solidarity and support for the daily sacrifices our soldiers make. They often get deployed into harsh climate conditions and can’t enjoy a day off like most of us do.

Wearing red on Friday reminds us to not take these privileges for granted. By wearing red, you’re also showing support for the families who don’t get to come home to their loved ones every day. You become a voice for those who may not have it, like children who miss their mother or father. 

It can be hard for anyone to go months without seeing a loved one, and when you share your red attire in person or on social media you become a bit of comfort they may need during the day. Our troops and their families need all the support they can get, and sadly, pride and patriotism have been declining over the years, that’s why we ask you stand with our insurance agency and wear red every Friday. Show remembrance for those who gave the ultimate price, so you can live with the privileges you have now. 

Our insurance agency wants to make it known that we stand behind the men and women who defend our freedoms, fight for the safety of others, and keep America safe. 

When you wear red, you show support for those who are serving, you show that you are proud to be an American and proud to stand by those who defend our country and flag.


Kids wearing patriotic outfits at our Flag Day event.

If you’d like to show your support for the brave men and women who are currently deployed, remember to wear red! You can also stop into our office during our normal business hours to pick up a free red, patriotic t-shirt.

We’d love to see your support, so don’t forget to use the hashtag “#REDFriday” on the pictures you post to social media! How do you support those who serve? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.