• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Are you engaged? Congratulations! This is popular time of year for proposals, with the nice warm weather looking like it’s finally around for good! As expected, you are most likely beyond excited and you should be! This is an important time in your life and should be enjoyed.  With so much to do, you may not know where to begin. If you want our advice, we think it is time to look into wedding insurance! CT couples who choose coverage will not have to fear the unexpected.

If you absolutely cannot control your nerves and calm down, then listen up! We found a few helpful tips that will have your special day be the best of your life!

•    Get enough sleep. Enough said.

•    Make time for other things that have absolutely nothing to do with your wedding.  This will help with stress and clear your mind.

•    Spend time with friends and family to get your mind off of any wedding. They’re there for support! Trust in them!

Hopefully you’ll may be able to keep your stress level to a minimum. And don’t forget about wedding insurance, CT couples will have the opportunity to cover all aspects of their wedding and their life after the wedding. Coverage for your special day- can you think of anything better? Well, maybe an awesome honeymoon!