• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We get it, you see them all the time.  If it isn’t “Flo” from Progressive, it’s the gecko from Geico, and if it isn’t him, it’s the witty umbrella commercials for Travelers.  So obviously you can’t help but think about them when contemplating a new insurance policy, but we’re going to tell you today why independent agents are who you need to turn to for all of your Connecticut Insurance needs.  

First and foremost, we’re right here, all the time, for you and your family.  Usually we’re located on your town’s main street among the hustle and bustle of your community. So that right there places us in a position that the other companies cannot duplicate.  We become ingrained in the community we are a part of: we attend local business events, little league games, and local charity events.  We ALWAYS have time the members of our community, because they make us who we are!

Secondly, the efficiency that local, independent agencies operate at simply cannot be duplicated by big companies.  You have a claim issue? Chances are we’re on it either that day or the next.  You’d be lucky to hear about a claim within a week from the big companies.

Thirdly, we’re a local business that has a stake in the town’s economy.  When you have a policy with us, you are helping out your own local economy! You’re not boosting share holder dividends or enhancing CEO bonuses.  Instead you’re helping kids go to college, moms and dads get sustainable jobs, and allow the local economy to grow exponentially.

So why independent agencies? The question is more like this: Why NOT independent agencies? It’s the simple choice.