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The issue of injured employees while at the worksite is always a unique situation, and since each is different, a case-by-case analysis is required.  Don’t think workers’ compensation is only limited to those occupations that require physical strain and activity.  Any job can result in an injury that can have an employee out of the office or off the work site for weeks.  Since an injured employee can happen to any business, maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of CT workers compensation is essential for any employer. 

In the state of Connecticut, there are currently eight Workers’ Compensation Commission agencies that deal with all of the state’s claims.  Each office represents a district, listed below:

  • District 1- Hartford
  • District 2- Norwich
  • District 3- New Haven
  • District 4- Bridgeport
  • District 5- Waterbury
  • District 6- New Britain
  • District 7- Stamford

According to Chapter 568 of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Workers’ Compensation Act was first enacted in 1913. There have been numerous changes to the Act since that time, but the main premise of the Act has always been to provide wage replacement and other benefits, as well as medical treatment, for those employees who have been injured, disabled, or killed while performing their jobs.  The Commission holds hearings to resolve disputes in workers’ compensation cases in each of the eight districts throughout the state.  The Commission facilitates voluntary agreements, adjudicates disputes, makes findings and awards, hears and rules on appeals, and closes out cases through full and final stipulated settlements.

New to state legislation as of July 1, 2011, part of the Workers’ Compensation Commission is now involved in an agency consolidation with the newly created Bureau of Rehabilitative Services.  Make sure you are aware of all workers’ compensation related topics like those previously listed.  Don’t let your business falter because of a claim that you aren’t covered for.