• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well that’s it, it’s all over. Another summer season has come and now gone.  But don’t fear, for New England is beginningits (in my opinion) most beautiful season of the year- autumn. The hot andhumid days are now (hopefully) over, and the cool, crisp nights and morningsare here to stay.  Now if you’re not fromthe Northeast, autumn’s chill may not be a welcome sign to you, as you’d ratherhave summer all the time if you’re originally from the southern part of theUnited States.  But for New Englandersborn and raised, autumn is that time of year where the sweatshirts come out ofthe closet, the apples become absolutely delicious, and the leaves on the treesbegin to paint Mother Nature’s most beautiful masterpiece. 

Seriously though, who doesn’tenjoy autumn in New England? How can you dislike the foliage, the fresh apples,and of course, football? As a homeownerin Connecticut, you should especially like autumn because it gives you theperfect warm- up (pun intended) for next season- the cold months of winter.

Most importantly, your heating system should be one of your toppriorities for the autumn months. Check your heating system to make sure it’sworking properly, because you certainly don’t want to wake up one coldwinter morning, seeing your breath in front of you, realizing that there’s noheat in your house.  More than likelythere’s something wrong with your furnace or other type of heating source.  Also make sure to inspect your fireplace nowbefore lighting the many fires that keep your family cozy and warm duringwinter. Check all vents and other characteristics of your fireplace to makesure it’s working correctly.

We don’t want you to have tosuffer through a heating issue during the winter, so now is when you want tofix any problems you may have. Just imagine the damage that can be done to yourhome from a broken furnace.  It could bea lot worse, as pipes may freeze, or appliances may break because of the coldtemperatures.  This could make for a bigclaim on your Connecticut homeowners insurance, so be careful and make sureyour heating is up to winter’s challenge!

Happy Autumn!