CT auto insurance CAN be a reasonable expense, but if you’re driving record isn’t pretty, then chances are it’s pretty high. But if you’re driving record is alright and you’re looking to knock some dollars off of your ct auto insurance, here are a few tips to live by:

1. Buy a car that isn’t expensive to insure.

Do some research! If prior buyers of the model you choose file frequent/expensive claims, your auto insurance rates will likely be higher than average. A simple internet search for an insurance comparison tool will let you view average premiums for a wide variety of car models.

2. Get rid of unnecessary coverage.

Some types of coverage may not make sense financially, such as collision or comprehensive coverage for older cars. It could be that you are paying more for insurance annually than the car’s potential sale value. If you’re paying for unneeded coverage, it may be beneficial to just replace the car instead.

3. Keep your driving record clean.

We all know how expensive auto insurance can be, but when you add in a couple speeding tickets and fender benders, your insurance costs can skyrocket. By contacting your local DMV, you can obtain your driving record and ask about removing a violation. This is called an expungement request, which allows the violation to be removed if you first take a driving safety course.