Well you probably never thought that we would be talking about earthquake coverage for CT homeowners, however after that rumble on Monday, it should certainly make you think about coverage.  Now we aren’t saying that we are at as high a risk as those that live on the west coast, but hey, did you think that there would be an earthquake in New England two days ago? Exactly.

A 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit the great state of Maine, about 20 miles west of Portland.  The quake’s epicenter may have been in Maine, but almost every state in New England felt the effects, even Connecticut!  So as you can see, it’s not as far fetched for an earthquake to occur in New England as one may think.  It was the most powerful earthquake since October of 2006, when a 4.2 struck Maine’s Monut Desert Island. What does this all mean then? Well maybe you should rethink a little additional coverage for your CT homeowners insurance policy.  Yes, being in Connecticut, you’re far more likely to suffer a loss due to flooding, hurricane damage, or a blizzard, but as we can see, earthquakes are not entirely out of the picture.

 Maybe you should rethink earthquake coverage under your CT homeowners insurance. It can’t hurt to at least look into an additional policy. It could be the smartest thing you do this week.  Having the best and most comprehensive coverage for your home is vital to the financial survival of you and your family.  Don’t go without a policy.  Call us today, or stop down to 8 East Main Street!