In large part, there’s so much that we can discuss when talking about CT homeowners insurance, that the list seems almost endless.  We could discuss the risks of fire from the kitchen, water damage from the roof, or the termites that have made a feast out of your porch.  Whatever the situation may be, your insurance is going to play a large part.

Today though we’re going to discuss something a little different when it comes to CT homeowners insurance called ‘special property.’  To go over the basics, your standard CT homeowners insurance policy will cover half of the total insured, meaning that if your home is insured for two hundred thousand dollars, then one hundred thousand will cover the contents and furnishings within the home.  Now for most of us, that’s more than enough coverage, but for other who have a large amount of valuables or other highly expensive items within the home, then chances are they are going to need more coverage.

 So what can you do then if you fall into the above mentioned category? well you can receive and scheduled personal property endorsement. This brings exclusivity to your situation, and marks exactly which items you need insured for their high value.  Furthermore, these items are then removed from the basic CT homeowners insurance policy’s limits and is covered only through the endorsement.  

If you have any further questions about such matters as these regarding more coverage to help out your CT homeowners insurance, give us a call today, or stop by our office on East Main Street!