The standard CT homeowners insurance policy will cover you for major losses and/or liabilities incurred in your home, or to the home itself, there remains some instances and items that will not be covered under your policy.  Why are we bringing this up, you may ask? Well in order to be a smart homeowner, you need to have all of the facts in order to have the best coverage, and hopefully safe the most money.

Under most of the usual circumstances that can cause significant damage or loss to your home, such as fires, wind damage, or maybe that oak tree in your back yard has finally decided to call it quits and lay down in your kitchen, your policy will cover you for the cost of fixing or replacing what needs to be fixed or replaced. HOWEVER, there are some features about your CT homeowners insurance that will not be covered, so you should know what to look out for:

1. A total rebuild – The standard coverage have a maximum amount allotted to covered the cost of rebuilding a home, but if that number is exceeded, then the rest of the cost is up to you (unless you have an umbrella policy, which we highly recommend).

2. Burst pipes – If these pipes burst because of your negligence,the expense to repair them and fix any other damage caused by the burst won’t be covered on your CT homeowners insurance policy.  If they burst due to cold temperatures resulting from a loss of electricity to warm your home, then that’s a different story.

3. Required upgrades –Say for instance a new law is passed that requires updates to homes built between the years of 1920-1955 (purely hypothetical here folks).  Well unfortunately your insurance won’t coverthe cost of the fixing process.  If you’re especially worried that this scenario may happen to you, look into “ordinance or law”coverage.

Hopefully these few issues that are not covered under CT homeowners insurance won’t affect you.  In order to hedge against these issues, make sure you have the best coverage possible, and there’s no better place to get a policy in Connecticut than Paradiso Insurance!