If you follow this blog rather closely, then you’re well aware of how much we talk about and discuss the importance and ins-and-outs of CT home insurance.  I mean, think about it- chances are your home is probably the largest investment you’ll make over the course of your lifetime, so having a solid insurance policy for it to protect your financial livelihood is vital.
Furthermore, we often give breakdowns of different policies for CT home insurance customers, as well as tips and tricks to avoid a silly claim, or the top ten worst storms that Ct home insurance policy holders have experienced over the past decade. But every no and then, a storm or other event will come through that strikes at the heart of CT home insurance.  One such storm occurred not forty- eight hours ago.  Heavy rains, strong winds, and hail hit our little section of Connecticut on Sunday night. Check out some of the damage to one CT home owner below.image

Then yesterday morning, a TORNADO whipped through the town of Revere, Massachusetts- a suburb of Boston, and not too far away from us!
All totalled, the tornado damaged over one hundred homes as it whipped through eastern Massachusetts, and flash backs of the tornado that came through Sturbridge, Monson, and Palmer a few years ago definitely came to the forefront of  a few peoples’ minds for sure.