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  • Post last modified:April 1, 2022
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As a farmer, have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need insurance for my farm?”

The answer is YES! You absolutely do.

According to reports by the Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, around $451 billion of America’s gross cash income comes from farms alone,

To continue this prosperity and to protect the farm’s interests, farmers need to worry about more than just the bare necessities like labor and equipment.

They need reliable and dedicated insurance coverage to protect their farm against unwanted lawsuits and losses.

What is Farm Stand Insurance?

Farm stand insurance guards your farming business against risks and losses that may occur from damage to property, accidental injuries, and third-party claims. 

With this insurance, you can be assured that your farm business and property are protected in unfavorable events.

What is Covered by Farm Stand Insurance?

Farm insurance usually covers these losses:

Damage to Property 

In operating your farming business, you might be held liable for causing damage to or destruction of third-party property. 

Say your tractor accidentally damages a visitor’s car by bumping into it. Or your equipment catches fire which spreads and destroys a neighboring property.   

In such scenarios, your farm stand insurance policy acts as your safety net to protect your farm from bearing huge losses.

Bodily Injury

Medical payment claims commonly result from bodily injuries acquired on a farm’s premises.

These claims can include both physical and mental harm suffered on the farmland.

For example, a visitor could get injured as a result of being chased by your farm animals. Or someone may suffer a fall due to the farm’s slippery ground. 

To be safe in such circumstances, you need farm insurance that covers all such accidents and injuries endured on your farm property. 


If you allow public visits at your farm, you need insurance coverages on operations related to agritainment and agritourism. 

But most traditional farm policies don’t insure such activities. 

So, to stay safe, discuss the specific requirements of your farm’s activities with your insurance provider. It helps make sure that you’re guarded against such claims if they arise. 

Product Liability

The coverage covers liability for products grown on your farm and sold to consumers in their original form, i.e., unprocessed products.

Let’s suppose your farm grows apples and sells them to the public. If apples cause food poisoning or illness to the consumers, your farm stand insurance will cover the liability arising from such a case.

Does Farm Stand Insurance Cover Processed Products Sold by Farm?

A typical farm insurance policy only does not cover liability for products grown on the farm but sold off to customers in processed form. 

Let’s assume that you grow strawberries on your farm. You then turn them into a jam, which you sell to customers on your farm stand. If the customer gets food poisoning after ingesting your product, farm insurance won’t be enough to protect you.

For such processed products, you need additional commercial insurance to safeguard your food stand. 


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