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  • Post last modified:January 22, 2021
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Shopping! We all love it, don’t we? The USA is one of the most well established and highly mobilized markets in the entire world. Thus, you can find an assortment and great variation of food from different parts of the world quite easily. And we get it, you won’t feel as fancy buying local coffee when you can have an access the rich Cuban ones. In our great country, however, people are more focused on helping others out – their community out rather than putting themselves and their material needs first.

Now, let’s think deeper – where does the local market come from? The farmers, obviously. More precisely, your local farmer’s market. Buying local is in-turn, helping out the farmers around you.

The richness of the food

Locally grown foods and crops are handled with care. YES, the adverts are true. Your local farmers don’t care about international competition; they care about their community and the locals they have direct contact with. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally, without any added chemicals and preservatives, and is excellent for your health. Moreover, your local produce also has a timeframe of 24 hours, and you always buy the richer, healthier food. This also makes it fresher and tastier than the ones in the supermarket.

Investing in the economy directly

Farmers are the most important part of any community – they sure are an integral part of ours. Shopping locally will enable you to invest your money in your home, help those who care for you and thank them in the best way you can. You’ll also be strengthening your community.

Doing what’s right

Buying local promotes the humane treatment of animals. At your local market, you have an easy access to meats, cheeses, and eggs from animals that have been raised without synthetic means. These food material come from places where cramped and unnatural living conditions of feeding arenas and cages that promote inhumane behavior are not followed/ is frowned upon.

Do you really know what you’re putting in your body?

Local foods and produce provide a sense of personal belonging to the people who indulge in them. It may be a reach to say that you personally know the story of everything that you buy from your local market, but it’s not a reach to say that you feel connected to them and their origins in one way or another. Plus, buying local always keeps you in the loop and you actually know what you’re buying and eating. This helps you pick and choose your own food and the story behind it instead of eating just about anything!

At Paradiso Insurance, being a local insurance company, we are big on supporting our local community. Our experience has made us realize that any country, state, or community cannot progress if they don’t support the locals. This is why our Farm Insurance is ranked among the best!

This year, remember to shop local by buying your fall produce from your local markets and become a part of something great – helping the local community thrive.