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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Do you operate a small to mid-sized dairy farm producing milk and other dairy-related products used locally, or own a massive amount of cattle that produces milk-based products distributed throughout the country? If so you need to make sure that you have the right type of insurance protection. While being a dairy farmer is very rewarding; there are several liabilities linked with this line of work.

Protect Your Dairy Farm with the Right Insurance 

If you don’t have the proper dairy farm insurance coverage, you could end up having to cover the costs that are associated with a loss out of your own pocket. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars socked away trying to cover these types of expenses on your own could put you in financial ruin. Even if you do have a substantial amount of money banked away, there’s a good chance you could go bankrupt. Or even worse, lose your entire business.

Dairy cows eating hay in a barn.

Working with livestock involves inherent risks such as:

  • One of your herd busts through your farm fencing and ends up roaming the roadway and causes an accident or other damage.
  • A fire breaks out on your farm injuring your herd and damaging barns. 
  • A massive storm rolls through toppling trees and seriously damages your farm.
  • A supply vendor drops off supplies on your farm and slips on a puddle.
  • A consumer files a lawsuit against you, alleging your products caused a severe case of food poisoning or other issues.
  • Your property is vandalized or thieves steal some of your expensive equipment.

That’s why you need the right farm and ranch policy to provide coverage for broad causes of loss for most dairy operations require, including:

  • Farm home and contents
  • Detached garages and other buildings
  • Farm and ranch structures
  • Personal property
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Milking and pasteurization equipment
  • Refrigeration units
  • Equipment breakdown
  • General liability protection
Dairy cows laying in their stalls at a dairy farm.

We are Here to Help Ensure the Success of Your Business 

One of the most important elements of ensuring the long-term survival of your dairy farm is buying insurance. In the event of theft, fire, natural disaster, or industrial accident, dairy farm insurance can be the difference in whether you still possess a thriving business a year from now or whether you’re trying to start over from scratch.

Dairy farm insurance protects you from complete or partial damage loss in case of theft, accident, or disaster. If you are just getting started, you must purchase a policy.

The Takeaway

At Paradiso Insurance we specialize in helping business owners choose the best possible commercial insurance for their budget and needs. If you’re serious about protecting your dairy business long-term interests, contact us today and let’s make an appointment to ensure your future.

If, through our careful and professional review of your needs, we identify coverage gaps or determine that you could benefit from any policy changes, we’ll be in touch. We’ll explain what we found and, together, we’ll choose the best course of action.

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