• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Like we’ve said countless times before, there pretty much isn’t anything that CT insurance won’t cover.  Obviously you have you typical policies like home, auto, life, etc.  But then there’s more unique policies such as umbrellas, watercraft coverage, and mature drivers insurance.  Well today we’re going to tackle another unique policy, farm insurance.


Now before you start scratching your head, farm insurance is a pretty basic policy when compared to the entire world of insurance policies.  However there are some differences, as one would assume, from say a typical homeowners insurance policy.  Let’s look at the reasons why:

  • Yes, many local farms are a part of a family’s property, but when does your land become a farm in the eyes of the insurance company? There’s a difference between a large garden and harvesting you community’s wheat supply.
  • What if you employ workers on your farm? Then clearly you’d need a different policy than your CT homeowners insurance because what if something happens to them why working on your farm? If you don’t have farm insurance, chances are you’ll find yourself in a tight situation.
  • Just think about this- all of that farm equipment is probably being moved around your property quite frequently.  So what if an accident happens in your backyard and not on the farm itself, which is only a couple yards beyond your backyard? Fuzzy situation without the correct coverage!

Take for example our good friends at Sessa’s Farm in Rocky Hill, CT.  They have farm insurance coverage with us, and they know that their great business could not be what it is today without the right type of coverage that we have provided for them!