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Homeowner’s insurance can get you out of a wide range of liability coverages and claims. Simply put, it can get you out of a ton of sticky situations. Depending on your personal preferences and the insurance agency that you decide to sign up with, your homeowner’s insurance can cover for most weather related damages. However, a primary homeowner’s insurance will only extend up to minor external damages and bigger damages such as those caused by a storm won’t be covered here. This is not to say that your insurance has left you stranded and deserted – no. A typical homeowner’s insurance will cover storm damage, including wind, hail and lightning.

At Paradiso insurance, we value our customers and keep their livelihood – both financial and otherwise as a priority. This is why we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through your insurance policies in case of a storm.

Storm damages covered under a typical homeowner’s insurance policy

Damages caused by windstorms, hailing, fallen trees, water and ice damages, lightning strikes, and power urges – all are storm damages covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Summer storms can bring with them heavy rainfalls and powerful winds that can potentially damage the roof of your house or perhaps will damage your pipes. Additionally, the losses caused due to fires and smokes in the event of lightning will also be covered by your homeowner’s coverage. Plus, usually, most policies also cover power surges. Consequently, your homeowner’s insurance does NOT cover damages caused by earthquakes and floods as an off-shoot of your storm coverage.

To get a more detailed idea of what your homeowner’s insurance covers, you should contact your insurance company or agent.

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Sewage and other coverages

Summer storms are fairly common in Connecticut and are marked by different kinds of violent weather that can produce strong winds, heavy rains, lightning, thunder, and hail. These can cause serious damages too your drains and can be extremely burdensome financially. Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover sewage damages caused by heavy storms. You will have to either add them onto your policy as a secondary part or raise your premium. It depends, really.

Saving yourself

We can’t dictate nature but we can surely save ourselves against it might. In the case of summer storms, make sure that you have a lightning rod installed, have stocked up your emergency kits, and more importantly, have updated your homeowner’s insurance as per your specific needs

Choosing and agency to work with

Filing insurance claims and getting through the litigation matters might seem daunting to some people. And, we do get it. However, the process shouldn’t be that hard. Depending on the insurance agency that you work with, you can easily file a claim and get your returns whilst paying the deductible with ease and in a friendly environment.

Here at Paradiso insurance, being a top-notch insurance agency, we make sure that we establish excellent relations with our customers in addition to providing some of the best services.