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Summer is the perfect time of year for hosting a cookout. Whether you’re looking to have friends or family over, we want to help you become the most popular grill chef of the season. With that being said, here is our list of our favorite and best burger recipes that will leave you and your guests satisfied every time.

My Best Burger


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The first on our list of best burger recipes is actually called “My Best Burger,” and the name was coined by Katie Lee from the popular Food Network show The Kitchen. Within this recipe, Katie shows us how to create a mouthwatering burger in a cast-iron skillet, with all fresh ingredients, and everything is completely homemade. If you’re a fan of garlic or onion, this burger will surely top your personal favorites. Get the full recipe here.

Spinach Tomato Burgers

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Looking to mix things up a bit? This burger recipe on our list of best burger recipes is certainly unique. It blends a combination of flavors that you wouldn’t expect to see together, but the fresh tomato flavor combine with the cool flavor of the spinach dip brings it altogether in a heavenly combination in your mouth. Get the full recipe here.

Herb and Cheese Stuffed Burgers


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This is one of our personal favorites on our list of the best burger recipes. If you’re tired of serving up the same old ground beef burgers, this is the perfect way to mix it up. This  alternative recipe is filled with a creamy cheesy filling, and it will make your taste buds come alive. Get the full recipe here.

If you’re planning to be outside all afternoon though for a cookout, be sure to stay safe in the summer sun! Check out our guide on avoiding or treating sunburn by clicking the link below.